A downloadable version of Shannon's resume is available here.


Shannon Campe

Tel. (224) 456 5482 // theatrecampe@gmail.com

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 110 lbs.



Twelfth Night     Viola     Three Brothers Theater

Whiskey Radio Hour: Long Distance     Delilah     Whiskey Rebellion Theatre

Wuthering Heights (workshop)     Cathy     imProv Playhouse

A Midsummer Night's Dream     Hermia     Butler University

Romeo and Juliet (dir. Tim Hardy)     Benvolio     Butler University

Three Sisters and Other Stories     Natasha/Bobik     Butler University

Attempts on Her Life     The Girl     Royal Holloway, University of London

Richard III     Lady Anne     Royal Holloway, University of London

As You Like It (dir. Tim Hardy)    Audrey     Butler University

The Love of Don Perlimplin... (dir. Elaina Artemiev)    Duende     Butler University

Shakespeare's Tragedies (dir. Tim Hardy)    Desdemona/Princess Elizabeth     Butler University

The Priest and the Prostitute     Amika     Butler University

What She Found There     Celia     Butler University

World's Best Daddy     Daddy     Butler University

The Man Who Went Insane from Money     Felicity     Butler University

Blithe Spirit     Elvira     Young Actors Conservatory

An Obsolete Man     The Chancellor     Wishing Star Theatre



Me and Marcy (short)     Elaine (Supporting)     dir. Tony Santiago

Debt (short)    Julie (Lead)     dir. Brian Venditti



Sophomore Lit   Various roles (incl. Cathy, The Fortune Teller, Juliet)     The Incomparable Network

Klickitcast             Jane Purdy     The Incomparable Network



Monologue Training, Basic Scene Study and On Camera with Ryan Kitley at the Piven Theatre Workshop

Private Voice Lessons with Dr. Sarah Hibbard

On Camera training with Diane Christensen 

Choir and advanced Acapella choral training with Dr. Jeffrey Brown



Studied Theatre at Butler University. Capstone thesis consisted of an original screenplay and workshopping of said screenplay

Studied Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London (Jan.—June 2013.)



Former Member, Alma Mudder improv Team

Training under various instructors, including Jessye Mueller and David Cocks, at imProv Playhouse



Trained in Kathakali dance theatre (India) and Balinese theatre/puppetry/masked drama (Indonesia). Can whistle; some piano training; speaks some French; Boston, Southern, British, Irish accents; stage combat experience (swords, daggers, hand-to-hand); screenwriting experience; can read music; double-jointed thumbs.

Complete list of credits, and work resume, available upon requets.