Stage of Fools: the Unofficial ROyals podcast

hosted by Shannon Campe and Zach Powers


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Praise for stage of fools:


"Shannon & Zach go over the E! show with more humor and enthusiasm than becomes royalty, in my own estimation. Still, they comport themselves well, befitting their station."

"It suckered me into watching this trashy show. THat's the highest possible praise for this podcast."

"It's super funny and entertaining even though I've never seen the TV show."


podcast guest spots


  • Big Fat Liar. Shannon drinks alongside the hosts of one of Chicago's most popular entertainment podcasts as they break down one of her childhood favorites, the frenetic children's film Big Fat Liar.

  • Christmas Special: Home Alone. Shannon joins Alcohollywood as they dive drink-first into the cult classic family film.

  • How High. Shannon and her Stage of Fools co-host Zach Powers grabble with early-aughts racism and misogyny as they discuss the surprisingly fraught stoner comedy How High with Clint and Jared.

The Revisionists with Brian Flynn and Zach Powers (Featured in West World Magazine)

  • Episode 25: Alexander Hamilton. Shannon schools Brian and Zach on the life of Alexander Hamilton, and the gang imagines an alternate history for 2016's trendiest historical figure. 

Kill By Kill with Patrick Hamilton and Gena Radcliffe (Featured on the AV Club's Podmass column)

  • Episode 16: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. In this episode, we discuss “reputations” and how to get them, the likelihood of a Three Stooges impression succeeding as a seduction technique and Jason’s most unlikely new skill: swimming. Plus virginal elbows, interpretive dance AND TWIIIINNS! All that and a new round of Choose Your Own Death-venture

Sophomore lit with john McCoy

  • Episode 004: Farenheit 451Shannon provides a reading of an excerpt from the Ray Bradbury classic. Liza Daly also guests.

  • Episode 007: Of Mice and Men. Shannon performs an excerpt from the beloved John Steinbeck novel as "George" and "Lenny." Sports writer David Kalan also guests.

  • Episode 008: Wuthering HeightsHaving previously performed voice excerpts exclusively for Sophomore Lit, Shannon joins John on this episode as a guest co-host to discuss one of her favorite novels, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, as well as the process of adapting the book for the stage. She also performs monologues as "Catherine" and "Heathcliff."

  • Episode 009: The Skin of Our TeethShannon performs one of famed playwright Thornton Wilder's beloved stage monologues as the Fortune Teller. Phil Gonzales of Deep in Bear Country also guests.

  • Episode 015: The Chocolate War. Shannon returns to guest, as she and host John McCoy discuss the disturbing young adult novel The Chocolate War. Dan McCoy, of The Flop House Podcast fame, also guests.

  • Episode 019: Romeo and Juliet. Shannon and her Stage of Fools co-host Zach Powers perform excerpts as the classic tragedy's titular lovers. Stuart Wellington of the Flop House Podcast and Sharlene Frank Wellington of Sharlene's Bar in Brooklyn discuss the play in a special Valentine's Day edition of the podcast.

  • Episode 041: Forever...Shannon returns to Sophomore Lit to take on Judy Blume's most notorious novel for teenagers-- spoiler alert, there's a penis named Ralph in it.

  • Episode 052: Lamb to the Slaughter. John and Shannon touch on Roald Dahl's shocker short story (which would later become one of the original Hitchcock-directed episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents) and explore the idea of authors who write for both children and adults.

Klickitcast: A Beverly Cleary Podcast with Phil Gonzales and John McCoy

  • Episode 7: Fifteen. Shannon performs an excerpt from Fifteen as its teenaged heroine, Jane Purdy.

Loose canon with caroline fulford (Featured in Paste Magazine)

  • Episode 2: Little WomenFriends Caroline and Shannon lovingly discuss one of their favorite movies, 1994's "Little Women" starring Winona Ryder, and the book on which it's based. The episode features swooning over young Christian Bale, telling funny childhood anecdotes, and a robust debate about which March sisters Caroline and Shannon are most like.

  • Episode 5: HeathersShannon visits Loose Canon host Caroline Fulford and their friend Natalie Walker for a slumber party and an in-depth discussion of the cult classic, "Heathers," and what it's like to watch the movie as a high schooler versus watching it as an adult.

  • Episode 19: Marie Antoinette. Shannon and Caroline delve into the unfairly maligned Sofia Coppola biopic and discuss dreamy coming-of-age stories. 

a talking 'cast?!? (featured on The av Club's "podmass" column) 

  • Episode 36: Minute 35. Shannon and host Dylan Reid Miller dissect a minute of the instant bad movie classic "A Talking Cat?!?"

  • Episode 39: Minute 38. Shannon, host Dylan Reid Miller, and Stuart Wellington (of the hit bad movie podcast The Flop House) riff on modern bad movie classic "A Talking Cat?!?" and discuss all things feline.

  • Episode 59: Minute 58. It's A Talking 'Cast's highly anticipated Big Gay Episode. Shannon, host Sarah Kantor, and guest GG Launchbaugh marvel at the most homoerotic scene to appear in a children's movie in recent memory.

  • Episode 72: Minute 71. Shannon's highly-rated guest run on A Talking Cast?!? comes to a close as she, host Sammi Campbell, and delightful Canadian Bob Mann go bad movie mad and re-write "A Talking Cat?!?"

As if! A Minute by Minute Clueless Podcast (Featured on iTunes' "New and Noteworthy" Podcasts)

Deep in Bear country with Phil Gonzales

  • Episode 65: The Trouble with Friends. Shannon makes her Deep in Bear Country debut chatting childhood struggles and female friendships with host Phil Gonzales.

  • Episode 78: The Slumber Party. Besties Caroline and Shannon join forces to discuss Bear Country's hottest party and all the gossip that entails. How old are Queenie and Too Tall anyway? And, what's the point of this book? 

  • Episode 103: The Female Fullback. Shannon returns to Bear Country to discuss insidious sexism among the bears. Things get downright creepy!

Ladies Love Paul Rudd with Amy pascale

  • Episode 13: Hudson Valley Ballers. The new Pure Paul Rudd Bliss Plan delivers us very scantily clad Paul Rudd, super-seductive Kate McKinnon and utter hilarity from Paula Pell and James Anderson. Shannon alerts the world to the fabulousness of Paul Rudd’s calves, and how he would be the sassiest of the local drifters in your neighborhood.

The 'Cast Next Door with Josh Hollis

  • Minute 21: Microchicken. Shannon and fellow guest Tim Fargus join host Josh Hollis to discuss Minute 21 of the so-bad-it's-great erotic thriller The Boy Next Door. 

  • Minute 22: Post-Chicken Sexing. Josh, Tim, and Shannon break down Minute 22 of The Boy Next Door and continue to give listeners advice regarding sexual consent and food preparation safety.

  • Minute 23: No Judgement. Josh, Tim, and Shannon discuss Minute 23 of The Boy Next Door and wonder aloud why they were the guests assigned the sex scene minutes.

  • Minute 24: Baby Got Abs. Josh, Tim, and Shannon discuss Minute 24 of The Boy Next door and expand on their feelings on the film overall, concluding Shannon's first guest run on TCND.

  • Minute 48: TCM Presents the Wiz. Shannon and Natalie Walker join host/producer Darren Hustead for a hungover but surprisingly energetic exploration of a teenaged fistfight in The Boy Next Door. 


  • Episode 14: "An Offer Refused." Shannon provides a fresh, female perspective in this humorous look at an episode of the hit HBO television show, "Entourage."

on your mark, get set, review! with Andrew Schwartz

Shannon guests on a special two-part episode devoted to the best (and worst) television of 2014. Listen as she and fellow guest Dylan Reid Miller share their most unforgettable TV moments of the year and put their knowledge to the test in games created by host Andrew Schwartz.


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